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Tour the islands from above to see the beauty of Hawaii’s landscape from a new perspective. Encircling the island, you will see secluded beaches, dramatic coastlines, hidden waterfalls, and lush rainforests inaccessible by land. Take in the wonderful views and appreciate Hawaii from the sky with Royal Pacific Air’s Island Tours.



Our charter service enables us to offer custom air tours. Whether it be an inter-island charter flight, or a flight tour above a specific island to view the scenery below, or a flight over an active volcano, we will work with you to plan a flight plan that meets your demands. With service to all the islands: Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu, we can create incredible custom tours to see the island of your choice from above.


Soar above the islands and view the changing blue waters of the ocean that meet the stunning coastline of each island. The dramatic coastline and cliffs provide awe-inspiring views when seen from the air. Gaze in wonder at waterfalls and lush rainforests that cannot be reached on land from the comfort of our planes, providing a new perspective on the captivating natural beauty of the Hawaiian landscape.


“We booked a 2 hour island tour for the family and it was incredible. We were able to see the cliffs of Molokai, rainbows, waterfalls and even humpback whales. Captain Bill was a great pilot. I highly recommend the island tour for visitors!”


Our island tours are all custom and tailored to the client. Reach out to us here, or at 808-838-7788 for more information.